Hi! I’m Rachel Klaver and I love helping people learn, feel more relaxed about trying new things, and developing a plan they can follow.  I’m the co-owner of Identify, where we work with small business owners one-on-one to help develop marketing strategies, action plans, and help set up marketing so it can stay in-house for that small business.

Marketing is a constant source of “surprise and delight” for me, because it hits all the right spots for me: creativity, communication, and serving others. Plus my endorphin hit goes into overdrive when I see a client, a community member or even someone reading one of my posts on social media suddenly “get’s it” 

I know marketing doesn’t give everyone that same amount of joy. It can get pretty overwhelming out there! So this is a place where we make that all a little easier and help you get the skills and confidence you need.

My Map It Marketing is Identify’s place to help serve you with courses, resources, workshops, webinars, books, podcasts, everything and anything we can find to help you become more confident and capable in your own marketing.

With our amazing team of strategists, social media and digital marketing experts and some of our friends, we have created this for you. And I’m so happy that you are here!