FREE: The Marketing Fix

FREE: The Marketing Fix

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Find out what's holding your marketing back

Prioritise your business growth with this IN-DEPTH, and highly useable, 38 page guide.

I want to help you fix your marketing

In this 38 page workbook I'll walk you through FIVE common marketing levers you can work with to maximise your marketing activity and get your sales pumping.

Why is this free?

I'm only able to work with a limited amount of people every year. Some people don't need help from someone like me and just need a tweak - this will help you work out if that's you. 

***NOTE: The Marketing Fix is delivered via email after ordering. Please ensure your email address is correct. Please allow 10-15 minutes for it to arrive in your inbox 


  "RACHEL!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely fabulous! It's like a mini version of the strategy I did with you. Totally blown my mind. As usual, you give so much in what you do. Value +++ (which is what it's like working with you). As my Aussie bestie says "it's bloody corker, mate"  " 
- Cate Thomas, Avedon, Past marketing strategy client

What to expect:

  • Be prepared to be challenged as we work through the five core levers you can move and shift in your marketing
  • Dig deep and answer the questions to go deeper than you have before in working out your strategy
  • Define and Prioritise your most important actions, and decide - can I do it alone? Or - will I need help?
(Downloading this book comes with a series of six emails that lead you through it, and hep you take action for the next 28 days)

About the Author and Your Coach

Rachel Klaver's known for her straight shooting, clear and simple ways of working when it comes to marketing. She's worked with  over a thousand small business owners one-to-one on their marketing and thousands more in webinars, events and at conferences. 


After working with such a wide range of small business owners, she has an immense catalogue of past ideas, experiences and ideas that she can pull from to create your custom plan.

Be warned – work with her and you’re likely to hear some of her catch phrases such as “You can’t kill a man with your face” and “Be a goat in a tree.”

She's the author of Be a Spider, Build a Web: Sticky Content Marketing for Small Businesses. She's also the host of the podcasts CONFIDENT CONTENT and  MAP IT Marketing, and a weekly columnist on Marketing on